Raj Tents Honolulu takes off!

It seems a lot longer than 3 months since Raj Tents Honolulu opened and we are glad to be getting lots of inquiries for luxury tenting on the islands. It is a real privilege to have a presence in Hawaii, where some of the most magnificent scenery on earth is to be found along with the unique Aloha spirit. Mark Twain called Hawaii ‘the loveliest fleet of islands that lies anchored in any ocean’. Hard to argue with that!  

Recent events from Raj Tents Honolulu include destination weddings and corporate events at the Royal Hawaiian, Kahala Resort, The Sheraton Waikiki, and several exclusive private estates on Oahu.

Hawaii has several unique features that make the Islands stand out as the place to hold incentive conferences, destination corporate events and, of course, destination weddings.

Natural beauty and diversity are a trademark of Hawaii. With such varied microclimates and wild extremes of scenery, from terra newly forming before one’s eyes from lava flows, through lush rainforest to high alpine meadows, Hawaii has 11 of the world’s 13 climate zones.

A discovery that visitors make is the rejuvenating power of the abundance that Hawaii is blessed with. This is one of the major, though more subliminal, aspects that makes the Islands such an ideal destination for corporate events. The ‘Respite Factor’ is reinforced by the Aloha Spirit – Aloha means ‘affection, peace, compassion and mercy’ in the Hawaiian language and reminds of the gentle ‘Namaste’ greeting of India. Some cleansing of the soul is definitely on the cards for those who visit.

Hawaii has, what one might call ‘Quality Appeal’ too - there is a definite classyness to it. Despite all that is on offer, Hawaii is surprisingly good value, which is an important consideration under current economic conditions. The advantages of a well developed infrastructure with excellent communications and the familiarity of currency, law and procedure, means one does not have to compromise on practicalities to have the exotic.

In terms of geographical location, being pretty much in the middle of the Pacific Ocean brings major benefits. Straddling time zones is handy, but the more profound reward is to bridge the cultural divide between Asia and North America. Invaluable for businesses that are more global in perspective, the multicultural advantage is even more apparent when it comes to hosting a multicultural destination wedding. Nowadays, many more brides and grooms have found one another across all kinds of religious and cultural divisions and seek to celebrate their union in a place that allows them to express their identity, culture and faith in a more individual way. Hawaii accommodates and celebrates diversity from its coral reefs to its mountain tops and is the perfect location to say ‘I Do’.