Maharaja Range Tent Details

Grand Maharaja

  • Size: 27’ x 44’, 7’6” leg height, 13’ apex

  • 3 Center Poles, 26 leg poles


  • Size: 20’ x 34’, 7’6” leg height, 12’ apex

  • 2 Center Poles, 20 leg poles


  • Size: 14’ x 21’, 7’6” leg height, 11’ apex

  • 2 Center Poles, 10 leg poles


  • Beautifully proportioned traditional pole tent

  • Can be combined to form larger tent structures

  • Outdoor use only - requires staking approx. 5’ out on all sides

  • Full lighting packages available

  • Available as the Grand Marakesh with Red arches

Popular Uses

Banquet tent, classic white wedding tent, reception tent, dining tent, garden party tent, Indian wedding tent, outdoor party tent, Moroccan lounge tent, ceremony tent, beach ceremony tent


Raj Tents' Maharaja range of luxury tents come in three sizes, with the 20' x 34' Maharaja and the 27' x 44' Grand Maharaja the most popular. Both are traditional pole tents, with center poles holding up a ridge pole. They require staking and can only be installed outside, making them the choice for a luxury tent to grace a fabulous lawn or beach wedding reception tent in pastel shades. The Maharaja tent seats 60 guests comfortably adding grace and style to outdoor entertaining and has been a perennial favorite for outdoor wedding reception ideas.  It's big brother, the Grand Maharaja will seat over 100 guests comfortably and allows room for a stage and dance floor depending on how it is configured. Both can be set up in a double configuration, for a larger canopy tent rental, giving more space whilst retaining the romantic look of flowing fabrics and flawless detail. Long banquet tables have been in vogue for a few years and fit very well within the Mahraja luxury tent, running on either side of the center poles. The ridge pole allows for hanging lamps, whether Bohemian crystal chandeliers for Bohemian wedding decor, Moroccan hanging lamps for a Moroccan party tent or more modern fixtures for a minimalist feel. 

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