Event Lighting Details

  • Decorative hanging lamps for interior and exterior available

  • Spot lighting available to wash tent in colors

  • Standing lamps for use on tables, walkways, etc.


  • Matching themed lighting to complement decor

  • Use spot lighting to make tents stand out

  • Guide guests to your event with a standing lamp walkway

Lighting is an incredibly important factor in having a successful event. Although not a professional lighting company, Raj Tents have a hand picked range of exclusive lighting that fits perfectly with our luxury tents and thematic lounge furniture. Themed lighting is highly distinctive and gives event designers huge leverage; Bohemian crystal chandeliers will turn the dial to Boho Chic or can be the defining detail in establishing a Wind Country theme, whilst a massive Moroccan lantern informs all the other decor with it's strong statement. As well as hanging lamps, Raj Tents offers interior spots that fill tents with light by up-lighting the ceilings and causing twinkle reflections in the mirrors embroidered in to many of our ceilings. Exterior hanging lamps on brass brackets are a great way to decorate the outside of a tent and help create a luminous silhouette. For our Indian and Moroccan themed lounges, glazed standing lamps with battery powered candles add a festive touch. 

Event Lighting Gallery