Indian Weddings Newsletter

We are sending out our Indian Weddings Newsletter to all our lists today. With us all getting so many emails nowadays, the link to the Newsletter on the Raj Tents blog should make it easier to access. We want to share some more with you all on the subject of Indian Weddings, which are such a characteristic part of what we love to do at Raj Tents - which is to create an intentional aesthetic and add color, ambience and glamour to make someone’s special day as special as it can be. Coming up, Ashmi Desai from Ahmedabad in India will be giving us some insights into Indian Weddings from the perspective of a young lady in India.

Of course the traditional aspects of Indian Weddings are exemplified in India, but also new trends are set there that brides and families want to incorporate into their celebrations in the United States. We also hope to help de-mystify the meaning and function of the different ceremonial aspects of Indian Weddings for the many people in the United States who want to understand what it’s all about.

Many events managers at venues and event planners in the United States are finding that Indian Weddings have become a more significant market segment for them and want to educate themselves on the basics so as to better serve their clients. Cultural cross pollination is one of the best symptoms of globalization and with many highly successful families of Indian origin in the United States; the spectacle of their wedding tradition is an influence on us all. It can be hard to do things differently and the inspiration of another culture is liberating, allowing all of us to consider more options so we can find the best fit. My favorite example is that in the United States evening dress is very predictable, especially for the men. Tuxedos with maybe a bit of daring expressed in cuff-links, buttons, pocket squares or a bright cummerbund - guess where that comes from - India, of course. Indian evening dress is a blast of color and texture, with shimmering fabrics that are breathtaking.

Bring on the breathtaking!

Raj Tents Indian Weddings Newsletter

Raj Tents Indian Weddings Newsletter