Double Maharaja in golden and orange hues for Underdog wine bar launch

For an out of the ordinary launch party for the Underdog wine bar in the Livermore valley, Raj Tents installed a Double Grand Maharaja in honey glow beige and orange. Also knows as Little Napa, the Livermore valley in the east of the San Francisco Bay Area is a hidden gem with a long history of winemaking. Underdog has created an urban oasis to host local wines as well as ones from further afield.

For the launch party, Anthony O’Farrell, Raj Tents Bay Area Production Manager, designed the installation to allow easy flow and for the tents to look fab from the outside as well as the inside. He put a smaller stage tent one side of the Double Maharaja to house the band and allowed for the natural break where the two main tents joined as a site for the large bar. The launch was a great success, with delicious wines in a delightful setting you don’t need too much else …. except maybe a limo home.