Custom Boudoir Tent for Top San Francisco Photographer's Studio

Finally get to post about Karina Marie Diaz for whom Raj Tents created a custom black and gold Pergola for her exquisite boudoir photography. Karina’s mantra is that women are always the most beautiful when they are truly themselves and her work takes women deeper into their own unique essence and beauty.

It was a real pleasure to work with Karina, who is one of the bona fide artists who knows the devil in the detail intimately. The Pergola backdrop had to be stunningly gorgeous, work well for black and white as well as color pictures, and be ultra flexible at the same time to give her the camera angles she needed. Glad to it worked out splendidly! The exterior is in a matt black cotton canvas, with a satin gold interior and drapes. The interchangeable walls and arches have gold detailing and prints, with matching scalloped valance that has metallic gold tassels and mirror work.

It is a pleasure and inspiration to know Karina and witness how she works. After all, a photograph does more than capture a moment, no matter how sublime that moment is. It is an artistic statement that reveals something extremely personal and at the same time universal and accessible. As well as Boudoir photographs, Karina has made Maternity photographs her expertise – you can’t get much more intensely personal and at the same time humbly universal than being an expectant mother!