California South Asian Bride Raj Tents Feature

We were very glad to see the winter 2011 edition of California South Asian Bride. The South Asian wedding market is continuing its phenomenal growth as one of the most dynamic of wedding segments in the United States and is getting more attention as a result. See our interview with leading Californian wedding planner Nikki Khan of Exquisite Events for the low-down on Indian Weddings.

What I particularly like about California South Asian Bride Magazine is that it is a great balance of glamour and the ‘Personal’. I don’t think a bride can truly have any individual glamour without some introspection before she asserts her individuality. Something that I have found characterizes South East Asian weddings in the United States; is that there are many more issues that need to be accommodated, culturally, socially and also emotionally on a private level. Great reading for anyone embarking on that journey and as it is only the second edition, much to look forward to. Thank you to the editorial team - Arushi Sinha, Anu Kota and to Rachna Bhatt of Henna and Beyond.

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