Arabian Nights themed Holiday Parties

The Arabian Nights theme is a perennial favorite for the Holiday Parties – aka - Rock the Kasbah, Moroccan Chic, 1001 Nights, etc. This is in big part because it is such a strong theme that it can stand up to the occasion with ease. The traditional holiday colors of bright red, green and gold– think of Holly, Poinsettias, Christmas trees and decorations – are well represented with an Arabian Nights theme and there is a fun exotic twist. Holiday parties are about relief from the dullness of the winter season and the need to brighten life up.

Raj Tents' ranges of Arabian Nights themed Luxury Tenting and décor are geared for ballrooms, convention centers, private residences as well as large frame tents. Our range of smaller tents, the 10’ x 10’ Pergola and 13’ diameter Pavilion tent are excellent focal points for framing bars, buffets and lounges in any setting. The 20’ diameter Grand Pavilion packs a big punch, especially the Ottoman style with red arches.