A Magical Gathering with Raj Tents at PAX West

Magic the Gathering at PAX West

Over labor day weekend last week, Raj Tents co-founder Maurice Walsh and crew from our Los Angeles office flew out to Seattle to be a part of the magic at PAX West. The convention is dedicated to the world of games - and with it, comes a high bar for creating inventive, creative, and magical spaces. 

The Street Fair

We were tapped by Sitelines Productions to help create a "Makers Street Fair" for the launch of Kaladesh, a new collection of playing cards for the Magic: The Gathering card game. The street fair featured metal working demonstrations, Kaladesh themed body art, and fans of the series showing off their Magic: The Gathering cosplay.

With the help of Pacheco Wedding's and Events, who provided additional crew for the event, everything came together beautifully - despite the infamous Seattle rain!

Photos below from the Magic: The Gathering Facebook page