3 Tips for Beautiful Weddings in Northern California's Wine Country

Northern California’s wine country is a particularly beautiful slice of countryside, and is a highly desirable location for weddings. Each year we help brides, grooms, planners, and venues host inspired and elegant ceremonies and receptions in this stretch of rolling hills and valleys.

Located just outside the San Francisco Bay Area, Sonoma, Calistoga, and the Napa Valley are well known for their wine. Many wine connoisseurs consider these wine making regions on par with wines from European countries such as France, Italy, and Spain. Although they are known for their wine, these locations also share beautiful countryside, historic vineyards, and more importantly – are all amazing destinations for weddings!

We consider it a personal pleasure that our San Francisco Bay Area office is located so close to this beautiful region. We spend a lot of time in breath-taking destinations in the United States and abroad, but Northern California’s wine country holds a special place in our hearts. In anticipation of the summer wedding season, we would like to take the time to show you why we love it so much, and share some tips to consider when planning a wine country wedding.

A destination as spectacular as California’s Wine Country is deserving of equally spectacular tenting and décor. If you are considering a wedding in Northern California’s wine country, or have already begun planning one, consider the following when making tenting and décor choices:

1. Choose a subdued color palette

The scenery is the star for wine country weddings (second to the happy couple of course!). Consider choosing a subdued color palette that accentuates the scenery – imagine our beautiful hand-made cloth blowing in the wind, mirroring the billowy clouds overhead. The rolling hills and lush greenery should stand out, and calling too much attention to the décor can often defeat the purpose of choosing such a unique location. We recommend colorways in cream, ivory, and gold, which highlight the natural beauty of the land, while also allowing the tenting and décor to stand out as beautiful in its own right.

Of course, rules are meant to be broken – but break them with care! Adding color as an accent, or embracing a more vibrant colorway can be the right choice depending on the theme of your wedding, and how the color works with the venue.

2. Build your wedding around a central common area

One of the top reasons to have your wedding in wine country is to enjoy the outdoors. Whether your wedding is at a historic Vineyard, a private estate, or at an established hotel – allowing your guests (and yourself!) to explore the scenery is a major attraction. We recommend building your wedding around a central common area, such as one of our large Grand Maharaja pole tents, or a row of Pergolas arranged as a long banquet installation.

Using this space as an anchor you can then create other vignettes for your guests to explore. Using smaller tents off to the sides of the common area reinforces the tented atmosphere, and also allows guests to organically explore different parts of the venue.  

3. Frame the scenic view

Using a tent to frame the view of the countryside contributes to a unique scenery for your wedding. Placing tents in such a way that you frame the view of particularly special elements of the scenery can enhance the setting by creating your own “scenic overlooks”. Using tents in this way helps direct guests to particular places at your venue, creating a sort of guided tour, and to help guests find their way around particularly large venues.

While we believe our tenting and décor can enhance any venue, there is a certain synergy you should aim for. Great décor looks great anywhere, and a great venue can look great with less-than-stellar décor, but combining a spectacular venue with equally spectacular tenting and décor creates an environment that is more than the sum of its parts. It allows your wedding to be uniquely yours, and something which is unforgettable.  

Your special day is our #1 priority

We personally enjoy every opportunity to service the Sonoma and Napa Valley wine country, as every event we help create is for us, and for you – a memory to be cherished. If you’re considering a wedding in Northern California’s wine country, we would love to have a conversation about how we might be of help.

Get in touch, and let’s talk about having the wedding of a lifetime.