Thematic luxury tenting supports lots of themes and styles. Generally the easiest way to communicate what sort of look you want is to conjure up a theme, or mixture of themes. It helps all involved understand the direction- and there are lots of directions to go - think: Egyptian theme party, Moulin Rouge party, Great Gatsby theme event, Oscar awards party, Eclectic Lounge theme, Psychedelic 60’s party, Carnival or Circus theme event, Russian themed gala, Orient Express party and Middle Eastern themed dinner tent.

Boho Chic

Bohemian, unconventional with Gypsy overtones. An eclectic combination of influences reborn as a whimsical new style.

Wine Country

Inspired by California’s fabulous Wine Country, this theme is ethnically neutral with more subtle prints and colors.

Old Hollywood

Alice in Wonderland

Vintage Hollywood themed for the glamour of the 1920s through the 1970s when movie stars’ glamorous lives inspired the party scene.

Escape down the rabbit hole into a fantasy world where everything is possible.  Enchant your guests with an otherworldly party experience.

Safari Chic

A contemporary twist on the Out of Africa theme. Light and breezy with African motifs, bare wood tent poles and matching accessories.

Louis XV

Lighthearted and intricate, opulent and regal – a Louis XV theme party is when you get out the best and then dress it up some more.

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