For Raj Tents, classic weddings is a broader category of luxury tenting in the western tradition and overlaps with our Simply Stunning theme. There is plenty of room for individual expression, with the constants being quality, beauty and attention to detail. Classic elegance is making a comeback, with ornate Vintage Princess style weddings in vogue on one end of the spectrum, ranging to minimalist, understated, clean and classic weddings at the other.

Some of our Classic Themes


Contemporary, sleek and polished. Simple color schemes with bold contrasts or minimalist.


Often farm or vineyard inspired. Natural fabrics and textures. Earth tones to deeper Jewel tones.


Generally very reliant on color and conventional styling. Time-honored and familiar.

Old Hollywood

Great Gatsby, Art Deco. Strong symmetrical lines and confident glamour.


Muted colors, antique lace, feminine styling, delicate flowers. Rococo to Edwardian.

Beach Chic

Breezy with sun bleached colors or aqua tones, framing ocean views with luxurious shade.

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