Black and White is a classic theme and works wonderfully for lots of parties and events - from elegant birthday dinners to large scale galas and weddings. It works at any time of year too - think Great Gatsby or Winter Wonderland. The biggest advantage of a Black and White theme is that the simplicity of the contrasting color scheme informs everything else in a stylish and dramatic way. One can conjure up Brat-pack Hollywood, have a stylized Venetian Masked Ball, or get very modern with strong lines and an emphasis on minimalism. Because one has decided at the outset not to include any colors, the results are often striking in a starker, austere way. Any colors that are worked in to the design, such as golds or reds, can enliven the composition and really pop.

Galas & Weddings

Black & White is a perennial favorite which never goes out of style - ideal for galas and weddings. The understated elegance and simplicity of contrasting colors is perfect for transforming ballrooms or creating grand outdoor installations.

Retro & Modern

The long history of the Black & White theme lends itself to a retro style with ornate decorations, as well as modern styling with an emphasis on strong lines and an eye for minimalism. Create captivating spaces by adding elevation with pole tents such as our Pergola or Pavilions.

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