A Magical Gathering with Raj Tents at PAX West

A Magical Gathering with Raj Tents at PAX West

Magic the Gathering at PAX West

Over labor day weekend last week, Raj Tents co-founder Maurice Walsh and crew from our Los Angeles office flew out to Seattle to be a part of the magic at PAX West. The convention is dedicated to the world of games - and with it, comes a high bar for creating inventive, creative, and magical spaces. 

The Street Fair

We were tapped by Sitelines Productions to help create a "Makers Street Fair" for the launch of Kaladesh, a new collection of playing cards for the Magic: The Gathering card game. The street fair featured metal working demonstrations, Kaladesh themed body art, and fans of the series showing off their Magic: The Gathering cosplay.

With the help of Pacheco Wedding's and Events, who provided additional crew for the event, everything came together beautifully - despite the infamous Seattle rain!

Photos below from the Magic: The Gathering Facebook page

Hotbed 2016 - Cirque De Nuit

Hotbed 2016 - Cirque De Nuit

The photos from this years' Hotbed benefit are in thanks to Drew Altizer Photography, and what a night! The Hotbed Benefit is a gala hosted by the Drever Family Foundation to support charities focused on providing resources and educational opportunities to underprivileged communities. 

The Drever Family Foundation in front of Raj Tents decor at the 2015 Hotbed

Hosted by Sharon Stone

The fabulous Sharon Stone was host for the night, and her dedication to helping underprivileged children was a light shining throughout the night. The benefit supported Planet Hope:

Founded in 1993 by sisters Kelly & Sharon Stone, Planet Hope is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that provides help to homeless, abused, and terminally ill children. Planet Hope Programs include: Summer Camp, Educational Programs, and Prom Dresses for Prom Season, Food and Warmth Resources, Emergency Referral Programs and Hope for the Holidays.

Fabulous in Black & White with Raj Tents

The Black & White styling of our exclusive Raj Tents frame tent lining fit the theme perfectly, and created an elegant space to enjoy the evenings performance. The monochromatic colorway helped set the mood as a great backdrop to the lighting treatment which brought in an emotionally charged purple glow.

The evening festivities transformed the Giardini del Paradiso into a vintage French circus, complete with burlesque ladies on stilts, circus performers, and a man whose balance can only be described as hair-raising.

We have been a part of the Hotbed team since 2014, and every year we work with the benefit to create new and unique spaces. See some of the past years:

5 Tips for Boho Chic Weddings & Parties

5 Tips for Boho Chic Weddings & Parties

Colorful, Playful, and Unique

The Boho Chic theme is a playful celebration of one’s own unique sense of style. The only rules are that you and your guests are comfortable and it all looks effortless – Sounds easy, right?

"To make your Boho Chic celebration look casually thrown-together takes planning and attention to detail".

Raj Tents' top 5 tips for a Boho Chic themed Wedding or Party

1. Choose jewel tones, faded hues, and off-whites of ivory and cream that can be layered for a whimsical effect as in an impressionist painting.

2. Bring in texture for a rustic look and to create depth and interest – think lace, velvet, weathered wood, wildflowers tied with raffia and chunky jewelry.

3. Fabrics should flow and be generous, pooling on the ground and giving the breeze something to play with. Voiles work really well.

4. Use details imaginatively for a playful effect. Have fun mixing in some vintage items and some with surprise value to enchant your guests and set the mood.

5. Last but not least – thematic tenting frames views, fosters intimacy, and creates an emotional space that contains your celebration.

Boho Chic in the Press

Lovely to see Dana and Milo’s Boho Chic wedding featured in the spring edition of Today’s Bride. The wedding was at the White Barn in Glen Ellen and was planned by Natasha of Waterlily Pond.