A contemporary twist on the “Out of Africa” theme, Safari Chic has a light and breezy feel with an emphasis on neutral and earthy colors. Use pops of color in your décor or tenting to give the white, dark brown, blacks, sand, and khaki base colors a delightful contrast. Perfect for an adventurous garden party or rustic wedding, the theme brings a casual simplicity to events of all sizes. There is lots of fun to be had accessorizing décor, planning exciting entertainment, and creating interesting menus. 

Adventurous Parties

Create a personal safari in your own backyard or favorite venue. Combine the earthy feel of a Safari with Raj style for the perfect combination of the adventurous and the familiar – Safari Chic.  

Inspired Outdoor Weddings

Safari Chic is at home in nature, and is perfectly suited for an outdoor wedding. Whether you’re in Wine Country, the American Southwest, or a coastal resort – Safari Chic brings out natural beauty.

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