As all of our events outside California are Destination Events for us, we are involved with a lot of destination event planning. This proficiency and experience comes to the fore when working with clients on their Destination Events. Over the years we have built up our capability for Destination Events, from designs, inventory, logistics, a seasoned crew to resources and connections around the country and are proud to have so much positive feedback from our clients.

Destination Weddings

Destination Weddings are a huge inspiration for us as we love go to exotic locations and amplify the natural beauty without getting in the way. Most of our client’s Destination Weddings are in a place where the beach is a major reason to be there, if not fully fledged Beach Weddings. Fiery sun to bleach out colors to subtle pastel shades, flowing fabrics for the wind to play with, layers of blue tones from the near shallows to the distant ocean depths and the textures of sand, shell, coral and rock. Whether your Destination Wedding is in a remote paradise with little infra-structure or in a top resort hotel with lavish amenities, luxury tenting by Raj Tents adds that special something to make your wedding truly extraordinary.

Destination Events

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