Raj Tents
Pavilion Tent

The Pavilion is a steel framed self-supporting tent for inside and out. Just the thing to set off your Moroccan or Indian themed party or provide you with a sophisticated party tent as a focal point for an elegant social gathering.

The octagonal Pavilion Tent comes in two sizes, 13’ diameter and 20’ diameter. Great to cover and swathe a food service station, wedding cake or desert station, bar, dance floor, lounge furniture setting or intimate dinner.

Pavilions come in a number of styles and colors with arches available to offer the iconic silhouette of an Arabian Nights theme. Raj Tents has a range of octagonal carpets especially hand woven to fit the Pavilions in matching colors. A center lamp or chandelier to disperse light and add a focus to the interior is a must. Additionally, corner lamps on brass brackets decorate the exterior and two or more sets of drapes can be used to bring in more colors and add volume.

The octagonal shape offers a lot of architectural interest, is very photogenic, and quickly sets the scene as a great themed party tent. Employed in a ballroom, foyer, or large event space, the Pavilion’s shape looks great from above too, giving the event planner a special tool for event décor design.

The Pavilion tent is a staple for Moroccan theme installations; check it out under the Ottoman Pavilion page.